Be Quiet! Dark Power Pro 11 - 850 Watt PSU Review

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Final Words & Conclusion

Final Words & Conclusion

The Be Quiet! Dark power pro series has seen many revisions and updated, Series 11 will be no different in terms of solid and stable output, excellent efficiency and the added value of being a very silent product. The DPP 11- 850 Watt we tested really is a terrific product, I mean it is an upgrade over the previous, model which already was darn good but it again got better by a decent margin. These PSU's are designed for the the PC DIY builders who want quality, the guys with a Z97 based system and say a 4770K processor with a nice high-end graphics card. The efficiency of series 11 it pretty spectacular as well, and next to the modular design this without doubt is a very aesthetically pleasing PSU series. The trend in hardware lately is to be more power efficient and Listan / Be Quiet! is slaying on-wards into a crowded PSU battlefield arena, now bringing even 850 Watt power supplies to Platinum efficiency level arena.

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As with any power supply, half the maximum load rating is the point of equilibrium for a power supply, that's where it'll be the most efficient and in this case at 230V that is 94% efficiency (at 230 Volts). As such the 425 Watt range is actually a sweet-spot as an average gaming PC with one dedicated graphics card would consumer roughly that during a hefty gaming session. While zoning that 50% range we can confirm that the power efficiency is most definitely really good as it performed smack down where it needs to be with other Platinum tested models. At a price of give or take 170 EURO / USD the product is a hint on the expensive side though. But hey, you do get what you pay for, a high-end super stable and quality PSU with very nice efficiency levels, great looks, nice connectivity and great to see is that 5 years warranty. As far as the ODM goes, Listan / Be Quiet! designs these power supplies themselves and then outsourced production, I had a hard time dinging the ODM, but is has to be FSP.



Stability wise we have very little to complain at half load say 400 watts voltages remained drop dead in sync. But we'll trust that some other reviews will show some ripple tests yet have no doubt the product will come out totally clean. Kick-ass is obviously the option for four rails or in OC mode, the massive single +12V rail, it has just so much power to handle multiple heavy duty graphics cards. 


The Dark power Pro 11 series looks great with its dark accents. The PSU slightly exceeds ATX length at 19cm, no biggy though. The cables are delivered in a dark black coating. Good to see is that the plastic connectors themselves are all black as well. Modular designs are the way to go. You use what you need in terms of wiring, keeping the innards clean and tidy, plain and simple. And overall it is a great looking PSU. Notable is the new fan and the two rubber grips at the front and rear of the PSU to prevent noise/resonating and this enhanced your inaudible noise level.

Final words

Very little is wrong with the Dark Power Pro 11, but that was to be expected. This is the flagship product series from Be Quiet! and they have made sure all the boxes are ticked and all variables are done right. The PSU excels in stability, low noise level and efficiency.  It is an impressive power supply from A to Z and we can't really find anything that concerns us. The one thing that could hold you back is the pricing as roughly 170 EUR/USD the product steep for a 850W PSU really. You do get a 5 year warranty with this product so to that extend it is a guaranteed long lasting product. The Dark Power Pro 11 is at a quality and feature level different from the rest of the recommended gear and as such I feel strongly that our hard to get Top Pick award is deserved. For a platinum certified PSU and all other features this remains an OK price for an impressive product that obviously is very silent.

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