Be Quiet! Dark Power 12 - 850W PSU Review

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Product Showcase

Product Showcase

The PSU is fully modular with all cables, which include the main motherboard ATX lead, two CPU EPS connectors. As you can see there are lots and lots of connections. Aside from the regular connectors, you will also spot the OCK (OC Key) connector to activate the single 12V rail. You can alternatively just use the jumper opposed to the switch of course. 


At the front side, we spot a small honeycomb air vent; it allows for optimal airflow running through the PSU, cooling down its components and keeping them nicely efficient. Also, obviously, we spot the power connector and the on/off switch. You will notice that 850 Watts of power requires some real estate, the PSU is just over 17cm in length and thus a product that will fit properly in many chassis.


At the top, you'll stumble into a big yet silent enough fan. The PSU fan is 135mm and closely resembles the Silent Wings revision 3. The fan however is activated at all times. We had hoped for a passive design of up-to 40% load for example, as while silent, it's not 100% silent.


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