Review: ASUS TUF Radeon RX 7600 XT Gaming OC 16GB

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Adaptive Supersampling FSR - Frame Generation

In addition to Raytracing results, we need to consider the performance gains obtained using technologies such as DLSS and FSR. It is no longer practical to evaluate all games in this manner due to the additional data sets and necessary time needed for measurements. For example; if we need to test ten games at three different resolutions, we will need to run approximately 30 benchmarks. Raytracing each game adds another 30 test runs, and then further results from sets with DLSS, for example, add another 30 test runs on top of that. For technologies such as Raytracing, FSR, and DLSS over the past two years, the data sets have increased from 30 test runs to nearly 100 test runs. As a result, we've chosen a representative number of rasterized DX11/12 games, a couple of pure raytraced games and then included some FSR and/or DLSS results on this separate page for comparison. 

Forspoken supports frame generation, which we'll enable.





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