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Final words and verdict

So I think I said it before, GeForce GTX 1650 Super edition is what the GTX 1650 should have been in the first place?, especially compared to the 1650 regular model, heck you'll see 30% running up-to 40% more performance depending on game, API and resolution. The architecture is sound and at 1920x1080 this product is a good proposition. It even has enough horsepower to play a game or two in 2560x1440, however, the card is severely limited by its 4GB graphics memory. High resolutions and games simply quickly pass that 4 GB marker. Ergo, if you stick to Full HD, you're fine really. But after that resolution, NVIDIA is forcefully steering you to the 1660 series with 6 GB graphics memory. Being a 1650 Series you do get up-to-date with the latest Turning architecture, just not tensor and RT cores. The card offers performance one may expect in this price range and with the AIB partner cards will see an up-to 5% advantage over the base model. Tweaking wise there's room left. We do think that all cards will match a roughly 5 to 10% OC delta in generic performance. As mentioned, the 4 GDDR6 graphics memory is nice and fast, which the GPU likes, the 4GB, however, feel somewhat limited, then again at Full HD is sufficient for the majority of games.   


It's a good looking card overall. A little simple for something STRIX standards maybe, but LED inclusion that has been done subtly and can be configured in any manner you prefer with AURA SYNC software, the choice is yours. While I always will remain skeptical about backplates (they potentially can trap heat and thus warm up the PCB). The flip-side is that they can look better and can protect your PCB and components from damage and, well, they can look nice as they can have a certain aesthetic appeal. I have to admit, this is looking very nice but looks are always personal, of course. So in the end, on looks, you certainly get that premium feel of detailed aesthetics and quality.




Cooling & acoustic levels

The card tops out at 57 Degrees C while gaming. So that's perfect, the acoustics I'd rate as 'softly hearable', the two fans under extreme load can even be heard, but that's it really. We've heard no noticeable coil whine. But I do want to note that any graphics card at a high-enough FPS can make some coil whine. 


We've been able to push roughly 8% extra perf out of the card compared to the reference card. The combination of tweakable memory, power and voltage settings will bring you a proper overclock. Once you've applied it, you get a few percents more perf. The card was normal for tweaking, it has no extra available on the power limiter, thus it'll throttle down as it hits the TDP. Also, memory overclocked substantially well. 





You know, I have to say that the 'new' SUPER series for both the 1650 and 1660 is a bit puzzling. The 1650 Super, however, does get a very healthy chunk of extra shader processors and a lot more memory bandwidth compared to the regular model thanks to that GDDR6. That does lift up spirits overall. In its range, the card is a bit all over the place, often close to the RX 590 and RX 5500, sometimes lower as it runs into VRAM limitations. The raw rendering performance, however, is at an interesting level and at in 1920x1080 mostly at a comfortable framerate. I do wish for this card series to have seen it at 6GB, as graphics memory anno 2020 need to get closer to that 8GB default once you pass 1920x1080. The product is very nice for the entry-level to the mainstream market but sits in a very narrow saturated segment with lots of choices. We expect pricing to sit in the 150~160 USD ranges, however, this Strix sits at 220 EUR/USD. Making the 1650 Super a more difficult proposition. The product is fast enough for any day gaming up-to, the Full HD monitor resolution domain of 1920x1080. Once again please let me reiterate, the Raytracing and AI feature like DLSS, of course, have been stripped away. The product as-is is good, the power consumption of the 1650 SUPER series, by the way, is really good. The product as fabbed and presented by ASUS is lovely on all fronts really; it did however not shine on acoustics. But temps are great. The tweakability was good. The design, however, is good looking and it fits any form factor PC really, thanks to its compact size. What's nice though is that it has all these variables housed inside a very compact design, and that is worthy of a recommendation as these are really handy to use add-in cards, if priced right.

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