ASUS ROG ORION PRO Gaming Headset Review

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The Audiphile ROG ORION PRO Gaming Headset

Today we’re pleased to bring you a review of the ASUS ROG ORION PRO gaming headset.  It did take quite a while to get them here in North America, but after I have had an extended chance to play with them, they’re here and they are good.  Speaking of the world, judging by the press about headphones at CES, 2013 will be a big year for headphones.  This can only mean one thing: even more celebrity endorsements of headphones.  Brace yourselves.  During my train commute to work, I see a gallery of heads wearing mostly the signature white earbuts from our favorite fruit flavored toy maker, but also quite a few Beats too.  This is also why I took up biking to work in the last few months.

Headsets, however, the soulless redheaded stepchild of headphones, tend to be a different beast altogether.  If you play any sort of team game, TF2, BF2/3, even WoW, you’ll be using a headset.  If you're just a casual gamer, you'll probably still have a headset.  Point being, you'll be inside, late at night, kickin' ass, but wouldn't it be nice to have a headset with good sound, comfortable, and some style?   That brings us to the ASUS Orion Pro.  It is the fourth in the line of new-ish headsets from ASUS.

ASUS have their own gaming brand, ROG, for quite a long time and it maintains the sleek, high-quality construction, red and black color scheme, and not a single gaming related endorsement anywhere on them.  But they are a gamer's headset. You get some extra value with the bundled Spitfire sound card, and overall very good sound quality that you should expect from a ROG product.

Orion Pro with Spitfire

At $120US online, these are not a cheap date by any means, but you do get a lot for your money.  Premium features like a braided cord, gold plated connectors, and the USB audio interface, make for a pretty good bang for the buck.  We’ll take a deeper look at the Orion Pro, the audio and build quality, comfort, microphone, and the included USB audio dongle and its features. 

In the meantime, let's check 'em out.

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