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(Raytracing) Callisto Protocol

(Raytracing) Callisto Protocol

In the year 2320, Jacob Lee (played by Josh Duhamel) and Max Barrow (Jeff Schine) are employed as contract freight transporters for the United Jupiter Company. They plan to retire after making one last delivery from Europa to the Black Iron Prison on Callisto, operated by the UJC. However, as they depart from the prison, their ship is boarded by the Outer Way, a group blamed for a massive biological attack on Europa. The ship crashes, leaving only Jacob and Outer Way leader Dani Nakamura (Karen Fukuhara) as the survivors. They are both captured by Captain Leon Ferris, head of security at the Black Iron Prison, and imprisoned by Warden Duncan Cole. Upon awakening, Jacob finds the prison infested with hostile biophages, inmates who have been infected with an unknown disease. He meets Elias Porter, a prisoner who claims to have a plan for escape. Jacob frees Elias, leaving Ferris to be killed by the biophages. Raytracing is enabled.

Note: recent patches change all our benchmark results with big numbers. We decided to start from scratch. Over time, more cards will be added, of course.




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