ASUS GeForce GTX 950 STRIX review

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The card has four display connectors, you'll spot one Display Port connector, one HDMI 2.0 connector and two DVI connectors. HDMI is 2.0 compatible meaning that compatible monitors and tellys can manage Ultra HD at 60 Hz, DP is 1.2 but has support for eDP 1.4. 



You can see one power header, the boards will use a single 6-pin PCI-Express Graphics power connector. S
o that's 75 Watts over the PCIe bus and 75 Watts over the connector, that will be plenty for a nice overclock. A four phase power delivery is responsible for supplying the GPU power and 1 phase for memory. 


The cooler is nice adn dark, the cooling has capability up to 175W. The card doesn't even need all that, so thermals and noise levels are incredibly low and in idle the fans will not even spin up. Once you reach the 60 Degrees C threshold on the GPU, the fans will kick in.


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