ASUS GeForce GTX 1070 STRIX Gaming review

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During our testing we noticed the card hovering just over the 175 Watts range for power consumption, under full load/stress that is. That is slightly higher compared to reference values, yet in reality is due to the factory overclock and all the lovely extras. The new cooler features 4 copper composite heat-pipes, special fin architecture and a rather unique blade fan design. Up-to a GPU temperature of 60 Degrees C the fans do not spin. The fans (Blade) used are a new revision and should also offer a bit more airflow. ASUS will try to force as much performance out of the cards at a maximum cooling threshold of give or take 70 Degrees C for this graphics card.


The GeForce GTX 1070 is roughly 11.8 inches in length which is 30 cm so it should fit comfortably in pretty much any decent chassis. Precise measurements btw are 11.73 " x 5.28 " x 1.57 " Inch / 29.8 x 13.4 x4 Centimeter. It is one of the longer cards we have seen.


The GPU empowering the product is called the A1 revision of the GP104-200 GPU. For those that wonder, the board is equipped with Samsung GDDR5 memory ICs. An actual 8+2 phase power supply is responsible for supplying the GP104-200 GPU and that GDDR5 memory with power. Try to imagine the product on a nice dark motherboard / chassis. 



So that top and rear logo + fan side LEDs would be the configurable AURA RGB LED functionality. You can choose any color and a few animations as well (breeze/flash/random/static/etc). Above an example of the RGB LED configuration with the Aura software.




RGB LEDs are a bit of a trend and like everybody ASUS is following. This is a nice implementation though not everybody likes LEDs? So of course, you can also turn them off as well. I do think that is a terrific looking product with the accents and all matte black + that RGB coloring of your personal preference does work wonders in a color toned PC.


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