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(Raytracing) Forspoken

(Raytracing) Forspoken

Forspoken is an action-packed RPG game where you play as Frey Holland, a street-smart young woman who finds herself in the mystical world of Athia. With a rough past from growing up in New York City, Frey has faced many challenges, but now she faces a new kind of danger in Athia where monsters roam and magic is real. As Frey, you'll use your newfound magical powers to fight off the frightening creatures and the all-powerful Tantas who rule over the land. The goal is to find a way back home, but to do that, Frey must navigate through this strange new world filled with adventure and peril. Things take a turn for the unexpected when she’s magically transported to Athia, a land where fantasies and nightmares are suddenly very real. We have raytracing enabled.




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