ASRock Radeon RX 5700 XT Taichi OC+ review

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GPGPU: V-RAY Compute Shader Perf

GPGPU: V-RAY rendering

With VRAY we can measure with a benchmark two test scenes over GPGPU or GPU acceleration, one for GPUs and another for CPUs, depending on the processor or GPU (OpenCL/CUDA) type you’d like to measure. The way this works is simple, the software will choose the fastest GPGPU API. If there is a CUDA GPU in use then it uses the GPU CUDA pathway. If there is no CUDA enabled device then it reverts to OpenCL (AMD). There is no manual switch that allows us to enforce say OpenCL only.

You will notice that the cards are mixed up and some numbers seem to be in the wrong place. It's not, the results are what they are and as such we present them as-is.


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