AMD Ryzen 7 AGESA 1006 performance and DDR4 memory check - review

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Random memory testing - PASSED

Some Random memory testing

Since AGESA 1006 is all about memory compatibility I decided to dedicate a page on just that, memory compatibility. Ryzen can be weird, some memory works at brand A, but not on brand B or vice versa. In my experiences DDR4 in general is best supported by MSI and ASRock, followed by Gigabyte and the absolute worst (in my experience) is ASUS. The number of memory issues I had with the Crosshair VI HERO are diverse and plentiful.


We test worst case scenario hence for the memory testing I will be reverting to that Crosshair VI HERO motherboard. I have loaded it up with a beta firmware 1401 that has AGESA 1006 (download). I will now take several DIMM kits I have lying around. For each DIMM kit we drain the CMOS, enter BIOS accept default settings and enable XMP (DOCP as ASUS is listing it). If the memory can boot into Windows 10 we'll run an AIDA bandwidth test and check at what frequency the memory is configured at and with what timings. We'll test single rank and thus a dual channel two DIMM setup. Mind you that 3000 MHz kits will always revert to 2933 MHz as there is no memory divider for 3000 MHz.



  1. Drain CMOS/ BIOS
  2. BIOS: reset to defaults
  3. BIOS select XMP/ DOCP Standard
  4. Save and restart
That's it .. no do not perform manual configuration of voltages, timings and frequencies.



GEIL EVO X 3200 MHz kit - PASS: 3200 MHz / CL16



Crucial Ballistix Elite 3200 MHz / CL16 - PASS: 3200 MHz / CL16



Teamgroup T-Force RGB NightHawk 3000 MHz / CL16 - PASS: 2933 MHz / CL16



Teamgroup T-Force NightHawk 3000 MHz / CL16 - PASS: 2933 MHz / CL16



G.Skill FLARE 3200 MHz CL14 kit - PASS: 3200 MHz / CL14

We'll continue on the next page.

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