AMD Ryzen 7 5800X review

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Relative game performance

Of course, game performance has been a hot topic in the past years, in CPU-bound situations what processor is the fastest? With that in mind, we created an extra page of charts with relative performance indexes. Since we have a big database of the GeForce  RTX 2080 Ti, no slouch I would say, the numbers you see below are measured at 1920x1080.

You can compare based on percentual differences in between a handful of processors. A slight observation and explanation, you are going to notice that in some games a 5900X is a tiny bit faster than the 5950X. No game is the same, and some do like precision boosting. The 5900X has a 300 MHz faster base clock compared to the 5950X. And yeah that goes for the 5600X as well.





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