AMD Ryzen 5 3600XT review

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Performance - DDR4 System Memory

Performance System Memory: Memory Read Test

For our memory tests are split up in copy, write and latency. We use 3200 MHz on the memory subsystem throughout the other tests and benchmarks, a value equal for both AMD and Intel systems. You'll notice something interesting with the single die 6 and 8-core parts in write performance. We'll talk about that in a second. We have moved to 3600 MHz CL16 with our tests for both Intel and AMD platforms. We offer an insightful review here, about game performance versus memory frequency and latency.




Please note: You will have noticed that the Ryzen 3000 processors with up to 8 cores make use of one CPU die. Here the write performance is halved. According to AMD, this is normal behavior. They claim that client workloads do very little pure writing, so the CCD/IOD link is 32B/cycle while reading and 16B/cycle for writing. This allowed AMD to save power and area inside the package to spend on other, more beneficial areas. While we do disagree with that as a thesis at a certain level, 99% of our tests indeed do not seem hindered by this fact.





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