AMD Ryzen 5 1500X and 1600X review

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Performance - Google Chrome - Mozilla Kraken | Compression 7-zip

Benchmarks: Google Chrome - Mozilla Kraken Browser

We added this benchmark as it is an underestimated thing, it's what we do all the time on the PC hence we are introducing a proper browser performance test. The Mozilla Kraken-browser benchmark applies multiple complex calculations based on javascripts. This will bring you a good overview of browser performance. We test with Google Chrome 58. 


Benchmarks: De/Compression  - 7-Zip Multi-threaded

In this segment of the benchmarks we'll walk through compression software applications. With 7-ZIP and look at both compression and decompression performance. This is a relatively new addition to our benchmark, more processors will be added over time. 7-Zip is a multi-threading archiver.



Decompressing requires a lot less memory overhead and as such the results are way more normalized here. 

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