AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 8GB review

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HBCC Game Testing

Using your System memory as HBCC Pagefile Buffer

Starting with Vega architecture you have the ability to use a bit of your system memory and assign it to the graphics card. In the drivers (global settings) you will see a HBCC (High Bandwidth Cache Controller) entry, you can assign a part of your system memory that the graphics card can then use as extra cache.

Now as my editor Ian reminded me on, this idea is pretty similar to technologies used for years like Turbocache (Nv) or Hypermemory (ATi) like ten years ago. HBCC it is totally different and yet offer the same. 



Fact is, since you will be hard pressed to run out of the mega fast 8 GB VRAM, we doubt it'll do much currently. However, we tested a number of games. Some benefited a bit, others did not. The idea though that you can assign system memory to your graphics card is fascinating. Say in the future you have a game with extremely high quality textures, or use a mod that would exceed VRAM, this could help you greatly. The games that you see below have already been tested, they share the same settings yet now have HBCC enabled.





Overall we can conclude that HBCC currently doesn't move mountains right now, but games simply do not use up that 8 GB frame-buffer, hence they do really not need to swap anything into the HBCC cache. That is not a given however, and in the future that might change once games start to fill up graphics memory. 

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