AMD Radeon RX 480 8GB review

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Frame Time Experience Analysis Thief

Frame Experience Analysis Thief


Above, the percentile chart of the 30 seconds gaming @ 2560x1440. Here we plot FPS and place it in relation to percentiles. 50% of the time measured frames is doing roughly 54 FPS, which would be the average framerate.


On this 30 second run the graphics card manages to remain below roughly 30~35ms (here lower is better), we again see a few stutters in the chart yet again I claim game engine spikes here.

During these runs we capture roughly eighteen-hundred frames, one of them was dropped. With this chart, lower = better as the faster one frame is rendered, the lower latency will be. Normally huge spikes above 40 ms to 50 ms can be considered a problem like a stutter or indicate a low framerate. 

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