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AC Ryan Veole Smart Media HUB

The right side is all stealthy nothing is to be found here, but at the left side that's different alright.

AC Ryan Veole Smart Media HUB

As you can see here we have a USB port (2.0), an SDHC for cards up-to 32GB and the little button powers the device on or off if you dislike the remote for a minute.

AC Ryan Veole Smart Media HUB

At the rear we see decent enough connectivity, the power connector, RCA stereo output, HDMI (1.3) output, a fully fledged Gigabit Ethernet connector which we find to be a nice touch. Next to that the USB 2.0 host port and all the way to your right an optical output. Everything HTPC like is covered alright.

AC Ryan Veole Smart Media HUB

Once we open up the box we'll see a small PCB with a system memory RAM IC 512MB, a NAND storage flash IC (4GB), to your right you can see a Wireless-N (802.11 b/g/n) module. Underneath that small heat sink is a 1GHz ARM Cortex-A9 with Floating Point Unit tucked away.

No fans so this unit is completely silent.

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