Zelda OOT: Dark Young Link DX12 demo

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Hm, nothing "wow" about it,DOF is extreme and no reason for even a demo and I assume the light effect from his red eyes have to be a bug..(?) if not it's not good. Anyway it's just a demo, a non-impressive one.
My Results: (With 62 fps, because it locks there.) DX11: CPU 22% GPU 55% usage. DX12: CPU 15% GPU 54% usage. Not that bad, considering ue4.9 is the first version with a DX12 beta
Not a good demo for DX12's power, I guess. Unreal Engine have an agreement with nVidia and will not use the most useful DX12's feature: async shader. Well... not for while. Curious about what will be the first game made for DX12 to be released and how async shader will hit my GTX.
They need to stop the constant shimmering of the out of focus objects. It makes it look like everything in the distance is viewed through heat haze.
This quite sad in a way coz it is showing how good a Zelda game could look but never will. Nintendo are too backward to ever use pixxar quality graphics in their games even though it would improve them massively.