Western Digital releases 4 TB external SSDs

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100$ for 4tb game pass HDD vs 700$ for 4tb gaming SSD. No thank you. I am happy as it is, I game smoothly already.
Typically the type of product i'm interested in. Handling large file all day long from 3D assets to sounds and textures... It takes a ton of space and external HDDs ends up really slow. Had a 3Tb Western digital external HDD die on me suddenly in 2020: Some weird Windows related bug as i can still access the file in Linux but still... Made me wanna try other brands for now, so i got a 1Tb external SSD from Crucial two weeks ago and it's been fantastic so far (my first external SSD, i have 3 internal SSD already). Fast foward a year or two from now, i want to completely get rid of HDDs, not only is it slow but it's also the part making the most noise out of my case: Files that don't need fast access will be moved to cloud.