Valve Starts In Home Streaming

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One PC to stream to one device really, doubt one PC to multiple devices would work. I don't really get why you wouldn't just use the powerful PC though, unless noise is really an issue or you want to like, stream in bed.
When you guys test a game what is your maximum Mbps? Some games like Dark Souls II only hit 30Mbps which is very disappointing considering how much framerate drop off I receive. Also I'm running on a 300Mbps 5Ghz wifi which solved the lag spikes I was receiving but it's still pretty slow.
Hmm i cant seem to make it to work. My Desktop is on but when i try to play on my ultrabook streaming is not turning on.
This is fantastic news for me. Games that play better with M+KB - I will play at my main PC/desk I can setup a cheaper PC or Laptop in my lounge and stream games(games that play better with a controller) and then make use of my big screen and amplified sound. Just need to run a network cable between the two to get the best performance. Take that consoles! :P
I'll have to give this a shot... Now I can actually enjoy my breaks at work 🙂
Take that consoles! :P
The PS4 uses 150 watt, just how much will this be for you ?
So i havent tried this yet, but i would like to know some things from people who did. how does ratio conversion work 16:10 to 16:9 for instance how does sound conversion work 7:1 to 2:1 sound Is this all emulated by steam or needs it to be the same ratio and sound settings on both pc's ?
Well, who really cares?
My electric bill cares. i already pay 130 euro a month now. if i start streaming it would be much higher. maybe you are rich, but i certainly am not
I've tested this for a few months and it's awesome.. Nothing more relaxing than laying i bed on sunday morning, hangover and in bad shape and just fire up you laptop and a game of Civ5 or DayZ or something.. and this on a laptop that have bearly enough hardware to start at all 🙂
I tried this during the early days of the beta, it's nice but I really want to be able to continue using the streaming pc normally instead of the game being on screen.
maybe for you , but ive calculated it before (with the actual data which i got from eneco (which supplies me the power and gas) , and price was much higher. its really simple just check the usage every month. i can even check it online now if i want. steam streaming is not new, there were like 3 or 4 other programs (which you had to pay for) in the last 10 years that already allowed it. so i been through this before. and i should mention i wasnt streaming it to a laptop but to a i7-930 with a 4870x2 which also absorbs power. it wasnt cheap at all for me. just a console on which has 150 watt max or a gaming rig , with another pc on just uses more power and will cost you more. i dont have a car or any other luxery either since i cant afford it face it my situation is different then yours thats basicly it
How much do you pay per kWh? Obviously, I dont know your situation. But if you can afford a high-end streaming rigg, most people probably can afford to power it. So fair enough, you cant afford luxery, (not unusual for sombody that is not currently working) but then againg, I would not think anyone would consider an expensive gaming computer. (which you seems to have) Wich in my definition is a luxery item.
well thats the thing here, you asume things too much. its not like i just bought this rig. im not gonna explain my personal situation to you tbh. im done here.
u kidding am gona play at work!!!
Well unless your office is in another room of your house - you (and me) are out of luck 🙂
NO WIFI. It works very poorly on wireless networks. With a wired connection I was able to get it working very smoothly streaming to my Mac Pro. The coolest feature is that on the Mac version of steam, it shows my entire pc games library as being installed. Instead of clicking on "play" it says "stream" and it boots right up.
Same goes for PC, streaming via WIFI lags, so I find it a rather useless feature with the current WIFI limits.
just played a few games on my old dell d630 awesome loving it
To me it's useless if it doesn't work through WiFi. Who wants to run a 100 foot cable to another room?
Me for sure, I did, drilled a hole in the wall and ran a cable under the carpet. Beats unreliable slow wifi any day.
OMFG!!! This is awesome!! It actually works!!! Just tried it now and I am using a cheap network 300Mbps card in my second PC (see my specs << ) and it works. Streamed content from my high end PC to my low end PC and it works wonderfully. Input lag is EXTREMELY minimal to be honest. I did only stream at 720p with a balanced IQ settings. But holy damn it was smooth running Portal 2 and using a controller was pretty great too. Seems to be locked at 60fps stream though, I tried disabling vsync and the fps on my bedroom PC was still 60fps. Would be nice if we could have the option to cap fps to say 30fps to save on bandwidth and maybe go higher with IQ setting. Might try and use DXTORY on my host PC and cap a game at 30fps and see what happens...?
I hope Steam can bump the speed passed 100Mbps because currently not many games can be played at a decent framerate.
Somewhere where people live in big houses it might be useful. As someone that lives in apartment and moving to different ones - my PC and TV have never separated more than the length of the 10m HDMI cable.