Steam's Weekly Top Sellers February 4th 2014

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I remember playing Insurgency when it was Source MOD. Glad devs made it commercial and get into top 10 Steam sales this week.
It's all my brother ever plays Day-Z, not sure I see the appeal myself.
Insurgency, Octodad, Rust.. all highly entertaining. I'm hoping with all the DayZ sales that maybe the extra money would help them finish it up sooner?
Look at Day-Z 😀
We must also have into account the keys bought over key sites. For me steam is only worthy during sales. Just last night i bought hitman absolution, tomb raider, dishonored and sleeping dogs for like 20€ all. What´s this DayZ about anyway? I´ve seen some fuss about it, must have a cool concept to be doing so well.
Look at Day-Z 😀
DayZ has been sat there for weeks now. Intresting, I don't see many console ports in there, again.