STALKER 2 presented in a first gameplay teaser trailer

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I am definitely looking forward to this. With guarded optimism. It looks stunning. The kind of stunning that will bring a good PC to it's knees.
I was expected to see more of gameplay but anything stalker related is fine. Really want to see more.
A bit disappointing, but I guess a teaser is a teaser. Didn't like it either, too cinematic and the changes in speed. Game visuals look stunning, let's hope it isn't another CP2077.
I would bet that the game will come out early 2022 because of this COVID-19 pandemic bullshit!
GIMME..... GIMME...... GIMME.....!.!.! I mean it's STALKER!! I do agree @Silva for this one on the trailer though. Like what the hell gives with the "momentum" of the whole thing?!? And yes a bit to "cinematic" for me for an in game trailer at that.
Well, it ended with a thrown chair to the dome, so it definitely had the required, "Get out of here, Stalker" thing covered. Definitely *not* STALKER-like music, however.
Give me Misery 2
The only game I am waiting for!
I wonder where this is a gameplay teaser when actually it looks like a scripted cutscene. But it looks very good.
I am looking forward to this title, it looks fantastic. ^_^
I ordered an new VR, and hope someone gets VR working for it when it comes out.. I played the other 3 versions many times over...
Still got the original on DVD. Great game, oldie but a goldie. Looking forward for more, thanks for sharing. Here is an old trailer, in case anyone has not saw it yet: [youtube=_NuPJmiQh-A]
Hilbert Hagedoorn:

GSC GameWorld has released the game's first gameplay in a teaser trailer, in which we were able to get a little glimpse of what's to come in the new installment.... STALKER 2 presented in a first gameplay teaser trailer
my shlong will fall off from old age by the time Stalker 2 is released...
How much of what the final game will look like can we even infer from that trailer?