Seasonic Connect Gold: A Power Supply with cable management hub

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Very good idea but why magnet? double side would be better as there is chassis in aluminium and in composite material? And what about the lenght of the cable? OK it reduce the size and number from PSU to Hub, but if you have to do loop of cable, you would have the Hub AND the loops of cables to hide, and better have a BIG space for that. Anyway if you mod yourself your cables this is a nice idea.
Surprised its been out since last year but only now hear of it. [youtube=h1nHqoECBcw]
This is a great idea, although for the average person will be the price that will make it or break it ....say if it cost 20 usd extra for this sure thing sign me up if it is 50-100 extra i would still go the traditional psu way.
This is a great step in the right direction, want to see cases with a dedicated space for that, i want to see motherboards with this same cable layout at the side or bottom or top of it. We need to diminish the visible cables and cable clutter. How many more years will take for cases to have embedded sata routs? Why Sata still is not powered by only one cable? We should have seen data+power comming just from one more secure cable. it's taking too much time. Motherboards could already have a standard design place for the sata connections as well, no, m.2 will not substitute all the data space needed.
Just because you can do something, doesnt mean there is a big market for it that actually cares for that. how many ppl that buy off the shelf units, or even BYO worry about 2 vs 1 cable (sata)? most "normal" users only have 2 maybe 3 drives max, dont care if they have 2 cables less in the case etc. i would rather like to have a 4 nvme tray, with a cable going to a x16 slot.
Should have happened on day 1 of the invention of the computer PSU, all PSU's should be required to have standard (there needs to be "standard") power pins in a rear slot position, to power "brick-less" Monitors, Modems, Speakers, External Drive Bays. Why are "bricks" needed? Computer PSU's are far more efficient.
More parts, more things that can go wrong. Might be good solution for cable show off? And who look behind the motherboard cover (pc case side), it usually hidden anyway.