Sales of graphics cards hit lowest sales since a decade

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Historically low and further declining sales on one side. GPUs as expensive as they never have been on the other side. Let's see who can weather the storm and has the longer breath. If anybody thinks prices are too expensive right now, have fun betting on the chance that 2024's hardware releases will be cheaper again.
I bought myself a PS5 and a sub; I'll happily play through the catalog whil I wait for prices to become normal again, back when a 1070 class card used to cost 400 euro and an 1080 would be 600 eur. Not the blasphemous prices we're currently seeing.
Yeah I bought a nintendo switch for my kids this christmas and we'll have fun playing with that as a family. I'm not spending a thousand bucks or more on a GPU. Not now, not ever. I'll watch the market but as of now, I'm out with these prices. They need to go back to 9 or 10 series pricing before I start to care again. If they don't, oh well. This just ain't for me anymore.
Like many I how was only gaming on PC until 2 year a go, got a PS5 and now I almost forgot on PC gaming. If the prices will come down then maybe I will go back, but as it stands I don't see a way out. The prices ar going up and I think they will not stop, if people don't buy them then there will be fewer and so on... at least for the next 1-2 years. We will see after. To me now after going to console gaming, I can say: consoles or maybe in time cloud gaming is the future. And if I think about it this is not necessary a good thing. Still the price for GPU it is not justified.
I wonder why, it's not like the prices have increased by a significant amount... 🙄
Imo the only reason for this is gpu makers won't lower prices, i mean nvidia gpus are now 2years old and still above release prices.. amd is a little better but still not it, screw them both and let them pay for their greed.
Hilbert Hagedoorn:

In graphics processing units (GPUs), sales have been steadily falling. Even worse, sales for this division were their lowest in almost a decade in the fiscal third quarter of 2022.... Sales of graphics cards hit lowest sales since a decade
Let them sit on their stock with overpriced stuff. Not our fault, they're greedy and want to milk consumers. Only the dumb and money wasters really buy GPUs at the current price now.
Unfortunately the GPU manufacturer's response isn't to encourage demand by lowering prices, it's to produce less for higher prices. A portion of the clientele is willing to invest more, and it's these customers the manufacturers are counting on. The rest will be considered voluntarily lost. In the end, business is business. The server market will continue to serve AMD and Nvidia well in the meantime, but it won't help the AIB partners all that much.
I don't think that it's even the thing with mining anymore. Or the recession, actually. They just have a gen in between that they can't supply as much as they used to, so automatically they increase prices and see that it actually works (due to low supply during the pandemic and high demand with mining). Now with mining down they still don't lower prices because they already know that the buyers will be fewer. They are actually counting on it, that's the whole thing behind (Nvidia's) GPU gen this year. And none of this is a surprise. The only thing that is not for sure yet is how, and when, prices will come down again. With huge backtracking stock and lowering sales, they don't fancy lowering prices to encourage sales... they just look to get the most out of it (both red and green here), and writing any decline off as "post mining" or "cyclical decrease". I don't particularly see any reason for any of the manufacturers to work differently in the future. Especially if they don't sell off their back tracking stock (in particular Nvidia's AIBs), and to be honest, nobody should buy last gen products anyway. Both AMD's GPUs and Nvidia's are way overpriced, but for the sad part, I don't see business reasons for them to change that. Especially since the server / AI market is much more attractive, which gives them zero incentive to even bother with consumer goods. In my noobish opinion, it would make more sense to actually increase consumer goods prices (and let them pay for R&D, with higher margin SKUs) and get the competative products in the professional / server market.
The big problem here is that Nvidia and AMD prices are still too low, they have to raise their prices even further!... On a more serious note, they need to make serious price cuts, specially for the last gen cards, otherwise they risk 2 or 3 years of low sales. The prices are so absurd that I've just bought a 14 inch LG laptop with a Ryzen 5625u, 16Gb RAM and a 512Gb drive for 650 euros. If I want a card for the same value, my best options are the 3060ti or the 6700xt, two years old cards...
It's corporate inertia coupled with the usual inability to quickly react to changing market conditions that plagues any manufacturing sector.
3000 series Nvidia cards and 6000 series AMD cards are now entering their 3rd year of life. Not sure as much on AMD but supposedly Nvidia has a lot of stock of the 3000 series. Prices are still quite high considering that they were released 2 years ago. And they have a lot of them... So aside from obviously ovrecharging for the 4000 series what exactly is their plan to move this stock? The more time goes the older the cards become and less attractive. Who's gonna pay in a few months 800 euros to buy a 3080 when it's gonna be already be approaching 2,5 years since release? And at the same time they need to compete with the used market as well from the mining collapse. There isn't a huge amount of people that will be deciding betwen a 3080 at 800e or a 4080 at 1500e(+) and choose either of them. In that situation most people will just choose neither. Nvidia in the same breath says how much faster and better and DLSS3 and all that crap is about the 4000 series and at the same tries to get you to buy their older generation that has none of those for nearly the same price of release. Yeah GPUs are a luxury good and they can price them as much as they want, but because exactly it's a luxury good people can live fine without them. You wanna sit on that stock until it rots Nvidia? Fine... Keep doing what you are doing.
The gaming market might just mean less to Lisa Su and Jensen Huang than gamers think it does.
RTX 4080 is still at 1 500€ here... I think 750€ would be expensive for a high-end card. It would still be expensive for a person with average/normal income.
Not surprising when you have a NutJob who would rather bury them in the desert than sell them by reducing prices! 🙄

Not surprising when you have a NutJob who would rather bury them in the desert than sell them by reducing prices! 🙄
Nobody but a nutjob cheapens their brand when they are on top. It's hard to reverse an image, look at AMD.