S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 getting teased with a screenshot and a message

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now that is interesting indeed
Damm I own every Stalker game ,have not played any for more than an hours.From my memory the game loads every few meters causing a pause or hitch which drove me crazy.Using the UE4 engine I think it will be the same thing again.I find most games on that UE engine to exhibit the same hitching/pausing within the game.
deep in the game you wont care about it cause you'll have shat yourself in the labs by then cant wait
Loved the games, atmosphere was perfect.
Now this is something to look forward to. Please, keep the same atmosphere!

Loved the games, atmosphere was perfect.
Many of that is tied to Xray engine of the original. Idk how this UE4 thing will turn out.
Please, please, PLEASE let this make it to release (and be a good game). Fingers, toes, eyes and testicles crossed!
At least good news. I will certainly buy Stalker 2. I finished the first two games, the third has many bugs.

Many of that is tied to Xray engine of the original. Idk how this UE4 thing will turn out.
Ya when Gerard mentioned it was on UE4 I thought the same, the way things render in UE4 look great but there is something off, its weird, like to much polish, almost a wax look, the XRAY engine pushed the feeling of gritty better then anything I can remember.
The world was never the same after COVID-19, okay why not. The world was never the same after S.T.A.L.K.E.R, i have a doubt ?! Maybe the gamer world !?
It's a pity that things turned out the way they did. They should have made a sequel years ago. They must have been screwed out of all that money by the publishers or something? I'm sure there's a story in there somewhere. Meanwhile, for about 12 or so years now, other game makers have been ripping off aspects of their game and profiting.
I remember finishing this game without realising it then thinking "is that it." It's going to take something special to be better than Metro lets be honest.
I just hope that S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2 won't be a game like The Division in which you have to share your world with other player, I am straight single-player guy who prefers a good story and gameplay over repetitive competition we have in multiplayer or MMOs. Both If the rumor are true I am in for a disappointment!
WOW 1 whole screenshot
Well this came out of nowhere. STALKER was a good game when it came out, but man was it rough. Hopefully they have the resources and time to make this one more polished.
I really appreciate this update, and I am looking forward to the games release!
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games were little rough to play, but I think this was at least partly intentional. They are not games where you high jump to cover, but take a careful approach instead and move slow with heavy equipment. I really liked every Stalker game, they just ran badly often times, but Unreal Engine 4 should be easy enough to utilize, so I expect better performance this time. Unreal Engine 4 is most likely the best choice given the vast games made already with it, that might load just a sec or two occasionally, but that means nothing given the visual quality. I will not get my hopes too high about the upcoming game though, since anything can happen in the industry today, but I certainly wish this game will eventually be released and tell something concerning the nuclear accident. That said, the story doesn't absolutely have to relate to that very accident, any other catastrophe would fit as well, since I think it's not defined what exactly makes Stalker game a Stalker game. For me, essentially it's the general area at eastern Europe, a scandal, anomalies, mystery and loneliness. Also important to remember is that the Stalker games where graphically way more advanced than majority of games at the time. Sure, they weren't technically the full package like Crysis, but certain areas like shadows were just so good you missed them years after. Most often, successful games are part of technical innovation, which in the case of Stalker games were indeed the vast "levels" with the NPCs and graphics, that really enchanced the mood in a drastic way. Is Stalker 2 going to break any poundaries or just focus on the story part? We don't know, but it's fun to imagine what would be something technically advanced that could be used in a game like Stalker.
Stalker was a very good game, the original one, had it on CD, good game.
certainly one of my favorite game themes of all time.....and the screenshot looks good so far!:) Wonder how many years well be waiting to pay for early access? lol
Played the absolutely snot out of all 3 stalker games. Loved every minute of it, even down to the random lua crashes when they did happen - which helped me understand lua enough to fix it, or work around it. I didn't care, they were some of the most immersive games of all time. It was the atmosphere, few games got that right as well as Stalker series did. Single-player Stalker 2 with no online requirement or Denuvo? You've got my money on that. PLEASE KEEP UP THE GOOD ATMOSPHERE, it made Stalker stand out, even today yet it's good. We have metered satellite internet here in the boonies, it works when it wants to... so I can't do multiplayer or games that require 'always online connection' to work like Simcity 2013 wanted (gave that one a pass). Just make sure to let the Cheki Breki guys beat up the guy who says 'get out of here Stalker!' before you publish the first betas...we don't miss him much.