Review: MSI GeForce RTX 4070 Ventus 3X

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Kind curious you report some super high hotspot temps of in 90c, and tpu review the same card and show hot spots in 77c range. did you get bum card or are they testing things differently?,
I can only speak for myself, but assume the last. As mentioned, MSI reproduced this in engineering as well.
this worries me alittle cause I thinking of getting that card well OC version cause same price for both at microcenter. the only thing I can think of is the hot spot and vrm arnt same? should those VRM had pads on them? does VRM have there own temp gauge we can read with say RTSS or something you can only see if FLIR
I hope its not a case of TPU dismantling the card for board pictures prior to running benchmarks that is causing the difference.
Would think they put back together the same way, if added padd or something to VRM I would think they would say so they made comment in there reviews commentsm when they hotspot there refering to gpu package not VRM, from what getting from that they did no test of VRM heat
Page 31: FLIR imaging shows a lot of heat at the top side of the card; MOSFETs and chokes here are now not cooled by the heatsink and thus ooze hot air. The above photo identifies the root cause of the issue here. No padding, no touching, any heatsink. FIXED
another thing I noticed is trio dont have this VRM issue so obvisouly it has pad on them or it completely diffrent HSF system
Hi, I did tests with my PC and the Msi rtx 4070 ventus3 with a multifunction thermometer and the temperature recorded at the VRM does not exceed 80 ° C ... I used Occt, Witcher 3 (4K Ultra),FurMark, ....