Review: Lian-Li O7S aluminum PC Chassis

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I'm sure i'm not the only one drooling out until price tag burst my bubble. :leave:
This thing looks amazing. I love my Corsair 750D But that Lian-Li is stunning. Expensive yes but I would love to own it!
Nice case can't use only one PCIe slot!? What about dual slot SLI/CF/other PCIe devices??
It definately looks amazing, but also has some drawbacks. PSU on the front does make me wonder if you can hear the fan, or, buzzing as you change power drain, as well as you can read the naming through that front part... Also you have to use the bottom most PCIe slot for the riser? What if that's only an x4? A sollution more for looks than for power I guess, and I'd wish they'd at least make the riser a sturdy one, this one reminds me of old IDE cables, not really the eyecatcher imho. Also it would be a better deal if they' figure out how to include two GPUs in this rig, but that's just my preferance. It definately has something appealing to it, but it's merely a first try I'd say. Work on it Lian-Li, and my next rig might be a Monolith (don't use that name! I'll sue you! 😀)
Nice case can't use only one PCIe slot!? What about dual slot SLI/CF/other PCIe devices??
It looks like there are 4 expansion slots, and on the part of the riser it also looks like you can add another riser next to it. The question is, do you get the riser from Lian LI, or a third party riser? And I love the case but man the same problem I have with Lian Li with this one is the price!
How original, though I wonder if temps would be an issue...and dust of course.
Wow, that looks beautiful! The price? 🙁
Looking at a case like this, is like looking at an outrageous piece of abstract art. It has something mesmerizing to it, but it is not something you would put in your house. But ja, that's just me. 😉
I love it, good work Lian-Li. but not saying that out loud, I don't want to hurt the feelings of my Silverstone TJ10 😀
This is probably one of the best looking stock towers I've seen, and it's nice to see a slim full-tower. but there seems to be a few flaws: 1. Why not allow low-profile cards? I understand that on some setups, this might make the ribbon cable a little difficult to manage, but they could just make it longer. 2. For a case that seems to be focused on pretty much just 1 expansion card, there's a lot of unnecessary wasted space. 3. The PSU in the front definitely seems weird, but I guess there isn't really a better place to put it. Personally, I think I'd have been more interested in a micro-ATX variant of this case. These days the main reason for getting full ATX is for expansion, but this case just doesn't allow much room for expansion.
Usually none of his reviews have the price on page one, it is an introductory page of the product not a sales page.
Such a nice case!
Beautiful case but im not sure i like the layout.
Very intriguing look of this case, however I imagine that it will scratch VERY easily. You'd have to take a lot of care when working in it..
Very awkward case tbh, psu in bad spot, gpu plastered next to pane...
Do want! EDIT: Really? 400 euro for a damn case? :bang:
Certainly a pretty case but there a whole bunch of practicality issues that make it a no-sale for me: 1) Optical drive bay is sideways. That's not a good design. 2) PSU is in front so you're blowing hot air inside the case. 3) Only one VGA card possible means no SLI/CF. 4) 4 USB 3.0 ports on the front is nice but why waste the 2 or 3 USB 2.0 pin header pairs on the motherboard? Why are there no USB 2.0 ports on the front/top/side/whatever. For this price I expect at least four USB 2.0 ports. 5) No reset button. While not necessity for the price that they are charging for this thing they can dam well afford to put a reset button on the front 6) The ports and the on/off button is mounted at the bottom of the front panel??? Why? How is that practical? Why would I want to reach all the way down to the bottom of the case so I can access the front panel? No, sorry Lian-li but I can get eye-candy cases for less from other OEMs that don't put form over function.
It has 4 expansion slots, just only comes with one riser. Other than that I agree with your other points. 😀
It's not just the one riser that is the problem, it's that you probably want one slot worth of space between your VGA cards so that it's fan can breathe well. If you're running a liqid cooling system then that will probabaly be OK, but all this assumes you have a second PCIe riser. Also, I don't see how a second riser's ribbon cable could even reach a second card. It's just not long enough! Oh, and then there's the fact that that riser and it's ribbon cable must be adding a bit of latency (however small) to the interconnect.
I think the whole riser card system Lian Li uses is not done correctly anyway, the riser card included didn't even reach properly without rearranging it. Looking at it though, the cards will be close but if there is good enough air flow through the whole case you would be okay. There are four slots there, but an issue I think I'm seeing is with an ATX motherboard it only fits one dual slot video card! A micro-ATX board would fix this issue. It looks like you can add a second riser card right there to secure it in, if not then I guess no issue except you need something to support the video card from the bottom or the back.
...I see nothing good about this case, i'm quite confused as to how anyone does
Quite narrow @ 148mm. Wonder how well airflow is. GPU may cool nicely in that position but how about the rest.