Review: Lamptron HM070 Flip LCD

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The headphone jack is probably there so you can connect speakers, like an audio passthrough for HDMI. This honestly seems pretty bad: 1. No PCI plate with a grommet for the HDMI cable. So, better hope your case comes with a way to neatly pass it through. 2. It's intended as an internal device, yet, it uses a USB connector that implies a USB-A cable to be plugged into. Why not use one of those 4-pin internal USB headers? Or a Molex or SATA connector? 3. If you're going to use USB, why not take advantage of that rather than use the remote? I think it'd be better to control the flipping via software than some cheap doodad that'll get lost. They already made software for it - how hard could it be to program a USB interface. 4. Even through a photo, that panel looks hideous, and that's coming from someone who is perfectly fine with displays on budget laptops. It's almost funny because this is pretty much the one display you are very likely to not view parallel to your face. Other than smartphones, it's pretty much the most necessary use of IPS. 5. It's meant for internal use yet doesn't seem to have any obvious standardized way of being mounted. Why not some long flat piece of metal with tapped holes compatible for 5.25, 3.5, and 2.5 inch bays? That way, you can use one of the many increasingly-irrelevant drive slots your case most likely comes with for a minimal cost. There is a market for such devices but you'd never know it when some of the most basic improvements aren't being done.
I should not want this but I want this none the less