Review: Corsair M55 RGB PRO gaming mouse

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Nice review, thanks. Maybe be my next mouse.
I was looking at this mouse month ago after on my Logitech G903 started failing multiple switches (double clicks just after 7 months of relatively light use) but in the end decided for M65 RGB Elite instead. Main reason was that i do not like those rubberized parts as they can get easily dirty or could be called even filthy.
Hilbert Hagedoorn:

Corsair is adding more rodents, this round we review the Corsair M55 RGB Pro Gaming mouse. It's a mouse from a lower segment of the market than the M65 RGB Elite, which we reviewed back in J... Review: Corsair M55 RGB PRO gaming mouse
i don't know why but nearly every constructor have the same issue with the dpi button... it would be so easy to correct it 🙂 And very good review, it's nice to see that we can still have good product for few money from major company.