Review: Corsair Gaming VOID RGB Wireless headset

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LOL @ RGB headset, gonna need a mirror to be able to see them 🙂 Does anyone ever use EQ settings either in software or on hardware? I am always of the opinion that any audio signal (digital or analog) should be left unaltered, without any kind of processing to 'improve' it.
Sometimes I use EQ to equalize my headphones and make them super flat. And I use shelf/pass filters on my speakers to kill ultra low/high frequencies and possibly improve their life. (You never know what kind of an idiotic signal might be sent to them or how intelligent they are themselves) Other than that unaltered all the way.
They are tempting me now, I was on the market for some new headset but couldn't decide. This review game me a good impression.
The Void (USB version) headset arrived today. It works much like Hilbert wrote. So far I'm happy with it. 🙂 Great review, Hilbert. BTW: The USB version looks better too. All black, with some tiny grey accents.
Much appreciated, thanks