Review: Be Quiet! Silent Base 800

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Thanks for the review! It looks like a great case for high-performance quiet computers. The panels looked pretty much ok in the photos. Perhaps the cheap plastics feel is more pronounced in the real life. I'm also a bit concerned about the top cutoff - it seems that without fans, some air will be sucked from it, avoiding filters, and adding dust. And if you add a radiator, the air pressure will be degraded, or perhaps I'm just wrong.
From my experience, the more moving part chassis has, the more prone it is to vibrations. Sure, it's not a problem when it's brand new but over time as the things get loose it all adds up to the noise. Not a problem if you use a water cooling system, then again, if you do, you don't need all those fans in the case. If you use big fans, as ball barrings loosen, they start to produce vibrations and therefore - noise. And vibrations tend to get other things to vibrate too and then it gets messy. I am looking at all the moving parts in this chassis and I can't help but think that if you are the type of user that has high end GPUs with lot's of big fans, over a couple of years of vibrations, this case will sound like a rattling cage. Seen it happen with many similar cases with all the fancy filters, HD racks, plastic masks etc. it all gets shaky in the end. Not a problem if you like to change (and throw money) cases often. 🙂