Raijintek JUNO-X RGB Low-profile CPU Cooler

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it's not a flashback, it's almost exact 1:1 copy of Zalman 😀 Anyhow, at least it's reasonably priced, unlike anything Zalman ever... 🙂
That RGB one is pretty cool looking though.

That RGB one is pretty cool looking though.
to each his own...It looks childish to me, like every other RGB PC component.
It looks like one of those old beyblade spinners. In all seriousness I have had 2 rajintek coolers and they were always really good and cheap. A lot better than other options.

to each his own...It looks childish to me, like every other RGB PC component.
Ditto - my case is closed no lights to distract me, and even if it had a glass panel, i still wouldn't entertain any light form whatsoever! i'm an old boring git 😀
Reminds me of my old Thermaltake golden orb II!
My thoughts exactly. I miss the good ole Zalman's coolers
Wow, I like this design, makes a lot of sense to me. Fans draw air in from all around them, also the sides, so by recessing the fan actually into the heat sink fin stack they're getting a cooling effect from influx of air to the fan as well as from the exit side of the fan. Also, with the fan recessed it means that all air that exits the fan has to to go through the cooling fins, none of the air can escape from the very edges of the fan without going through the cooling fins. (EDIT: having said this, just noticed there are two massive gaps in the fin stack where the mounting solution resides, so a fair portion of the cooling air looks like it will just pass through that area of low resistance & not add to the cooling potential - if they could somehow get rid of that wasted space then it would be good.) Would be interesting to see the actual temperatures on this unit in comparison to other low profile coolers.
i had 2 coolers like this, they were good when heatpipes and copper and massive fin area weere not a thing. I do not thing they get a chance to cool anything other low spec cpu that need a led over it.