PowerColor launches R7 250X

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Similar to the IGP in the 7850K then?
Great price for a budget card, but 1 gig of RAM is too low. Should be 2 gigs at the least.
1 article says 640 Shader processors, and another article says 512 shader processors. So, which is it? This card will not be a viable solution at "Ultra" resolutions. In most games, it's barely going to be suitable for gaming at 1080P outside of medium settings. 1GB of VRAM is just fine for the resolutions this card will be viable for....which is 720P and lower.
Can't expect much from 80$ card. Fine at 720p.
Agreed with the above, it'd be pointless to give a card like that more memory. It'd not be able to make use of it.
This can be a great upgrade piece for those that have an APU and are able to crossfire it with it, im sure it will be decent enough for playing BF4 using Mantle at 1080p.