Popular software CCleaner infected with backdoor

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You´re never really safe are you? Such a cool little program, what a shame... 🙁
glad i use the portable one
Thank you for the warning
Jesus, makes you wonder doesn't it. Inside job?
One less thing to install after Windows!
not an issue for me or machines i work on. stopped using newer releases after 5.18.5607, when they went with "premium" crap. even that i dont believe in "dont fix a working system", its not always the best to update everything as soon as possible.
So we need a crap cleaner for CCleaner now :')
It should be noted that all communications from piriform indicate it affects only 32-bit Windows systems.
Thanks for the heads up HH!

It should be noted that all communications from piriform indicate it affects only 32-bit Windows systems.
Actually, I think what they meant is this, it involves the 32-bit installer, which most normal people download download and which installs just fine on 64-bit OSes.

glad i use the portable one
I use it too. In fact, I always use portable editions over classic setup ones (whenever that option is present, of course).
Damn it. I was running that version of CCleaner. Scanning with Malwarebytes as I type this and I see it detected the trojan 🙁 I'll wait for the scan to finish and hope it takes care of it. Cant remember the last time I got infected. Will really suck if i have to reinstall windows. I had already scanned with windows defender both a full scan and the offline one and it didn't see it...
Just use the Portable build. Always used it myself.
Version handled by Chocolatey is 5.34.6207 and just ran a malwarebytes scan - 0 infections detected. I seriously recommend this to handle your free software installations, not only that it does them automatically ( like Linux package managers ), but also is another layer of safety ( every update on all their software is thoroughly scanned, so chance of such mishaps is very slim ) https://chocolatey.org/ Started using it about 5 months back and I would never go back to manual installs, that feels so archaic ! http://dl.wavetrex.eu/2017/chocolatey.png
I supposedly had the affected version of CCleaner installed, but regular Malwarebytes & Avira scans that I do have never picked up any infection. Either way I downloaded the new version of CCleaner & I'm running a full deep scan again with Malwarebytes - I'll update this post if it finds any malware - I doubt it as I did a scan a few days ago. Mind you I always delete the setup program file after installation & I see the user above me just detected the trojan in the setup file, maybe that's why my PC has been coming up clean recently after scans. EDIT: just finished scans - yep, no detections.
I don’t miss Windows.

It did remove it. Think I'm all good now?
Malware bytes didn't detect a problem with a system. It found a problem with the installer. You could try to boot into safe mode (F8) and scan again, but most likely, you're fine.
how can i check if i was infected? not enough details in the article....