Phison Going For 7 GB/sec Storage over PCIe 4.0 with PS5018-E18 NAND controller

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This is going to make for some rather speedy RAID 0 arrays 😀
Damn, really impressive numbers. But i bet its going to requiere lots of cooling, here is where to me U.2 might start becoming attractive in terms of having bigger heatsinks and being placed near fans.
So assuming they max out this controller that means there is 1gb left to saturate pcix4 x4 ......hmmm maybe we should go to pcix6 directly instead of 5 when the time comes.
So, after all, there is a reason to get the newest boards with the latest PCI e protocol. Funny thing, so fast things are changing. But one thing has to catch up and moves pretty slowly. Data recovery from flash memory: yes there are TONS of tools promising one or another, but almost all fail to do an full forensic image and present it as proof in court, let's say. But this is a another subject, for another thread. I am happy to have the NVMe hard drive, and it's one of the things that still excite me. Fast storage is really important nowadays.
Now this is more like it, i was not excited about the 5Gb/sec PCI 4 nvme but 7Gb/sec is more like it.
Wow, Phison is finally getting a lead with the E18, its 7.0/7.0 GByte/s read/write and 1M IOPS are quite impressive. Silicon Motion SM2264 has 6.5/3.9 GByte/s and 700K IOPS, and no-one else announced a PCIe 4.0 compliant SSD controller yet - though Samsung and WD/SanDisk are probably cooking something. There's also low-end Phison E19T rated for 3.75/3.75 GByte/s and 500K IOPSs; the current low-end Phison E8 and E13 are 2.1/1.6 and 2.5/2.1 GByte/s, while the current high-end SM2262EN is 3.5/3.0. Looks like next Fall will be quite interesting on the upgrade front!
Finally PCI-e 4.0 starts to make sense ! The already released 4.0 SSD-s are pretty much the same as last gen... little to no improvements. But the new E18 specs look amazing ! THAT might be the trigger to move to X570 for people that are still packing 300 or 400 series.
Samsung did a preview of 980 Pro, a PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD that's curretly rated at 6.5 GB/s sequential read and 5.0 GB/s sequential write. That's a bit higher than the current-gen Phison PS5016-E16 (5.5/4.0 GB/s) and Silicon Motion SM2264 (6.5/3.9 GB/s) - yet a bit below the upcoming Phison PS5018-E18, which is rated at 7.0/7.0 GB/s. More details will be available in Q2 2020. Looks like this Fall will be a hot season to shop for a brand new fast SSD!
Yeah seems like a good start for PCI-E 4.0 already and the new NVME and speeds that this can allow for though I guess sustained and burst speeds could also do with some improvements but the total possible "up to" value is certainly nice almost doubling the current SSD performance as I can tell so from 3.5 to 7 and who knows, maybe even higher wherever the cap is before PCI Express 5.0 is out. 🙂 (For regular desktop usage though I suppose after GB/s speeds it's not too big of a difference but some applications and types of work could certainly do with constantly having faster drive storage.) Wonder what these will cost though, seems the Samsung model is also going for a 1 TB limit instead of the current 2 TB on the new 970's but it could always change later on. (Still good enough for a primary drive though and something like a HDD for primarily storage of media or whatever, anything I suppose including stuff that might not need SSD speeds for reads and writes.)