Philips 288P6LJEB 28-Inch 4K LCD Ultra HD Monitor

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10-bit TN? I don't really get it. I also wonder, what is the real lag on this display.
I'm still trying to find where it says TN panel 😯 cannot find anywhere. Cause TFT-LCD = TN, IPS, AFFS, MVA, PVA, ASV, PLS and DTP. So where do people get that it is a frikkin TN panel O.o Response time (typical): 5 ms SmartResponse (typical): 1 ms (Gray to Gray) <---- for gaming. Philips should totally be clearer on what panel they are using.
They said it's got viewing angles of 170/160 degrees, and "smart response" of 1ms, which basically makes it TN. Also, if it was anything else, they'd also likely brag about it. Nonetheless it can be a pretty good TN, as they angles they mentioned have contrast ratio of 10, compared to 5 in most of the spec sheets.
that viewing angle is a good give away yes actually. I've seen some ips panels with really low response time. But yeah got it. 10 bit tn while good won't beat ips 10 bit for sure.