NZXT Launches HUE 2 Ambient Kit V2

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I was hoping something like this would come out, as the monitors that have this only seem to be on the G-Sync versions. How does the sample the screen colour ? Through software ? Be nice to know if there's a performance hit in games with this enabled.
i really like this, it is a little in the expensive side for me but i really like this ambien light effect
depending on software compatibility I really like this, but I must admit the price is some what a let down..
Haha, please NZXT don't reinvent the wheel. Here, have it DIY: Half the price, and it is yours to modify or whatever. @Hilbert Hagedoorn, I posted that link for the comparative example, not for promoting anyone's on-line store.
So waiting on this! Been dreaming to get this to go with gaming for quite some time. Of course there have been solutions before too but this looks like 'it'. :P
easy to build yourself with w2812b strips an arduino and Prismatik 😉 and to do a monitor and probably under your desk as well for around £20