NVIDIA Shield Experience Upgrade 7.0 Inbound (Android 8.0 Oreo)

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The gift that keeps giving, yeah right, we've been through three shield remotes this year and with each new update they manage to break something, really has the worst connectivity of any device I've used, constantly having to re-pair remotes and controllers and losing signal from bluetooth devices, the shield system is far from perfect and I would swap it if I could find something better but seems like each system comes with it's own set of problems.
I want a Shield for my movie stuff, but it lacks an Optical Out. Also the Logitech Harmony is not compatible with it.

Can't say I've had an issue with either the remote or controller. Are you updating the firmware on them? Also it's worth investing in a cheap Harmony remote.
Yeah I keep it all up to date, all our shield remotes have the latest firmware, basically two of them started losing connection and wouldn't charge up, I managed to bring them back to life with a factory reset but then the audio jacks on them broke so my dad couldn't use headphones anymore so then I ended up getting him a bluetooth pair and we've had nothing but issues with them losing connection all the time and we have a set of soundtouch bluetooth speakers in the conservatory which I have connected to the shield for music and even they lose connection, another weird thing that happens is if we watch a youtube video and then load Kodi up the volume control stops working on the remote altogether, our shield has been nothing but a nightmare of bugs and connectivity issues.
My shield has been outstanding. The only issue I've had was using an SD-card, I gave up after a while, I don't need it anyway since I strictly use it for streaming purposes. I also pass-through my audio via the tv so I get my optical out that way.
That Android world, such simply thing as OS update is now something big 🙁
sure, Dolby Vision is something too insignificant to care about...
Quick question, shield or htpc and why?