Noctua NH-L9x65 Low Profile CPU cooler review

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Also with that market growing, we would REALLY like to see Noctua engage the AIO Liquid cooler segment, an area where they could be very popular with their low-noise and high quality fans.
I personally like to see Noctua make GPU Coolers aswell. We already have Arctic Cooling, which is the Noctua of GPU Cooling, but id like to see Noctua themselves give it a go.
Just on time when i'm searching for new cooler for my Mini ITX build 🙂 I noticed that the test only tests the NH-U9S with two fan. i wonder what's the performance of NH-D9L when it comes equipped with 2 fans? I can imagine that the front fins doesn't get much pressurized air hence lower performance. I do think that NH-D9L should perform better because of the alignment of the heatpipes is perpendicular to the Long and vertical Ivy Bridge/Haswell die which will make its heat get spread out better.
I don't think the NH-D9L is a very good design as it will always drag cool air over one side of the heat sink and push now warmed air over the other.
Noctua's MITX coolers really have only been the only ones worth it in my experience. I've tried others from Zalman for example, and they just don't keep temps down well enough in that small of a case.
From the photos it's hard to tell if the cooler is covering up an memory slot. Is it?
From the photos it's hard to tell if the cooler is covering up an memory slot. Is it?
Both coolers follow a 95x95 form factor, meaning the DIMM slots are not reached.
this Noctua CPU coolers has a really nice design, sadly the performance/price ratio isn't generally good in this brand. the air cooling segment have remain untouched for years, i really hope to see something different soon, you know... y love noisy computers.
im sold i want one for my next build those are as good if not better then temps i get with my HSF setup only in much smaller packages. Then again that is also more expensive then most coolers
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Core i7 4790K amd 1.3 Volts in the CPU
Should be and 1.3 Volts Edit: I think this was fixed as I was posting this comment lol
Pretty interesting little cooler. Decent, considering the size. Ps: Why are the graphs mirrored? It messes with my head massively lol 😀 .