Mini ITX FTW - MSI Z97I Gaming AC and R9 270X Gaming ITX review

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if it is tiny, it is cute 🙂 a bitfenix case and you got a nice machine in a small place. very interesting that itx form factor become more and more powerfull.
Awesome, love this! Too bad no M.2 port - I think I would have bought this if it did. Hilbert- on another note - any chance you can start adding DPC Latceny Checker for motherboard reviews? I'd love to see these for motherboards as USB audio products can benefit with lower latency, and would help me in making purchasing decisions!
Looks good but no M.2 Also waste with 2 esata. I was really tempted to update mine.
Are you sure the M.2 connector isn't on the back of the motherboard like the Asus Z97I-PLUS? Both MSI and Newegg list this motherboard as having an M.2 slot. Of the Z97 Mini-ITX boards on the market so far, only the Asus and MSI are listed as having an M.2 slot. I would rather have the MSI than the Asus, but if it doesn't have an M.2 slot that would be a deal-breaker.