HyperX Offers Alloy Origins 60 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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overpriced noisy rainbow keyboard
this keyboard size is perfect for playing fps games tho, i own a diery 63, cheap mech brown key, i love it and the size is perfect
A shittier version of the Ducky One 2 SF to be honest...
Ten-key-less design is welcome. But hen keyboard is missing text navigation keys, its value for daily use is severely reduced. Same applies to function keys. And Fn to get those missing keys is in bottom right corner only. All it takes to deem this keyboard as bad is to place little finger of right hand at place where this keyboard has Fn and see where other right hand fingers can reach. And how uncomfortable such reach is. Because most of Fn combination keys would end up being pressed by left hand. Now imagine maneuvers when one uses keyboard only with left hand as right uses mouse. Or better not. So many sacrifices and $99 price tag? No. Would not even think about buying. And is it even good idea to carry around keyboard with weight 780g?