GeForce GTX 780 Ti SLI review

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wow i wish i had these drivers for bf4 780 sli... hint hint
looking at the bf4 chart in this review, the 290x CF only beats the 7990 by 5fps, I expected better. Great performance from 780ti sli, impressive.
The thing i don't get watching at those line graphs with three resolutions is why they have presented the crossfire results for 290 (not X) in bioshock and metro last light. Anyway, the crossfire performance for amd's 290x was surprisingly equal or even higher in high resolutions for the best-looking games like crysis 3, metro last light and battlefield 4. Well, respectively i don't get why i'd give more money for pretty equal performance. Furthermore, hardocp hasn't found any better gameplay experience for nvidia's favourite except for far cry 3, and that was only due to amd's throttling in this game (with fans capped higher the cards were equal again).
I just want to thank you guys for the review. I currently have 2x GTX 670 in SLI. After reading the review, I thought I would upgrade to the reduced price GTX 780 and get 2 of them to SLI. I ultimately ordered 2x 780TI's (no self control) and can't wait for them to show up tomorrow! Also, because you included power consumption numbers, I decided I needed to upgrade my 750W power supply to handle the new upgrade. I game at 6,000x1080p(bezel corrected) and love running Nvidia 3D / Nvidia 3D Surround when I can. Based on the reviews I think this is going to be a solid step forward to where I want to be performance wise. Thank you again for the thorough review! I will have the video cards and power supply here this weekend and hope to share my results and opinions about this upgrade with others. It is often hard to figure out if an upgrade is worth it for a particular config. Because you included 680 SLI and 690 results and tested at 4k resolutions I was able to make an educated guess as to the performance increase from my current setup (670SLI @ approximately 2/3rds of the 4k resolution).
Thank you for some nice review Guru3D Staff. Even though it was a few month ago its still interesting to read and the reason for that is that I bought 2 x ASUS ROG MATRIX GTX 780 Ti PLATINUM EDITION as I'm going to pick up at the post office tomorrow and install. Thank you all your good work Guru3D! Yours Sincerely, Bengt "WOLF" Johansson.
This review was way before the nvidia performance drivers came out expect a healthy increase
This review was way before the nvidia performance drivers came out expect a healthy increase
I'm really looking forward to get my new graphic cards and install them mate 🙂