Gears 5's Escape Mode Gameplay video

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Not good.still same old Gameplay,Narrow,Corridor shooting no have ruined this series. When gears 1 came its was so good and fresh.It was quickly became one of my top best game of my 25 years of gaming.My all gaming friend bought Xbox 360 only for this game.But after that they every sequel felt same,same mistakes,same Gameplay only map was changed. Two biggest dislike of this series of Today is like that 1.Corridor shooting 2.Weapon system. 1.I don't know about others but i just can't play corridor shooters in 2019 anymore.i can't bare it,cant like it.Every other FPS or 3rd-FPS in past became open world shooter or semi open world. 2.About Weapons-They made this series this way that Any good or Special or Fun weapon you find you can't carry that to Next checkpoint or next level and Bullets are not findable for these weapons.Means about 80% of the Gameplay you play with Basic weapons.Just imagine you have to play Doom.Rage or Quake whole game with only two weapons Rifle and shotgun.No one will play then. They only improved Graphics in this series but still outstanding Graphics in Narrow corridor shooters in 2019 is not a big thing but in Open world.
All pretense of realism is gone in the these pc pc games with women soldiers.
Gears is just a mess. Original was the best one. Graphically Also these newer ones look meh imo.
And it has the same problem as Apex Leg ends: the map does not auto-orient.
I'm super excited for Gears 5. I still play Gears of War 4 almost daily!