Fujifilm unveils flexible speakers for next-gen devices

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Nice for convenience, but you cant get much power from a device with very little movement. There wont be much low freq output (bass) so it will be a bit tinny. If eq'd to raise the bass levels, its max loudness will be very quiet. It might be useful for getting upper mid and/or high f audio from say a cinema projector screen, for those that want speech etc. to come directly from the very centre of the screen. Depends on its actual f response and how much power it can give for the size. Also useful for portable, non backlit, flexible displays like OLED.
And that is probably why Fujifilm still exists unlike Kodak. They move on with the times. Hallmark would be ecstatic with things like this for their greeting cards. =b I wonder what it'd be like if it's being applied as a wallpaper on a domed IMAX theater...