Far Cry 4 - Elephant Nature Documentary

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This entry looks to be more of the same. Though to be expected from Ubi. Massacre simulator 5000 + pre-order repetitive side mission pack.
Graphics are nice, will see how is the game play?
I'm sold already, it was the Elephants that did it for me...../sarcasm off
Those elephants are so next-gen. Wonderfully animated.
look boring, dull. to me.
I wonder what comes with the Collector's Edition... 5500 KG Elephant?
Gauntlet and FC4 the only thing 2014 has left to offer me.
PETA called, they are angry. Clearly elephants were harmed in making of this video.
This instills false/misleading perception of elephants. Puts me off and if they plan on even shooting them in game, I am not buying. Fun facts? Yes, elephants are confirmed to learn (understand) over 500 human words. And 500 words is breaking point where you can go to country using that language and can live there without communication issues. Elephants have abstract thinking. Elephants can paint. Elephants love music. Elephants do their best not to harm. Elephants visit places where their relatives died and their bones lie.
I hate to be that guy, but this does not seem like the ideal climate/habitat for an elephant. -_-
Elephants in the Himalayan Foothills: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ObB9xX5TjDk The bad guys shooting the elephants should give you a reason to buy the game and shoot the bad guys Fox2232. 😉 I'm buying the game and don't plan to shoot any elephants unless they attack me, and they don't seem to be hostile unless provoked from every demo footage of the game I have seen.
What do you do when 100 elephant's come over a mountain. ........ swim
It'll be absolute shat!, as its Ubi.
It'll be absolute shat!, as its Ubi.
fine then, enjoy logging in everyday to post crap in the fc4 thread when it's released. i'll enjoy ignoring it.