Elgato Releases 4K60 Pro Capture Card - Record 4K Footage at 60 FPS

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Maybe for consoles i see it making sense, but why would someone spend 400 bucks on something that any modern gpu offers already...
What's the point of this card if it cannot even ENCODE 4K streams while capturing?? I can do that using some nice freeware software using nVidia's CUDA cores or AMD's ones from the video cards.
@Karvapallo unless you're a magician, using same hard/software and settings etc for encoding, lowering bit rate WILL ALWAYS lower quality. same for space used on the drive, with same settings, file size will be the same as well. and the fact that they are using the SAME CODEC (H 264) to encode, it will make ZERO difference no matter if its video quality and/or size, while costing 400$ MORE than running shadowplay on an Nv card (up to 4K@150Mbit as mp4 (H 264). i would have seen a limited reason to buy this, if it would use H265, could encode at 4K, and came with a sata/nvme connector to directly feed storage.
Hey fry178 your kind of right and wrong As for (modern gpu offers already) that true but you end up doing more work when using OBS and other steaming service becuases you have decode and overlay and re-encode the final steam for upload. By the way people this card is base around RAW AVI or new name UVC capture that why you need high performance spec as it doesn't have any on board Hardware Encoder it is base around Software Encoding Mainly the AMD's and nVidia's video cards and 3rdparty apps where only used for offline hardware acceleration encoding. AMD ReLive & nVidia ShadowPlay is done internally and that dose decrease your over game performance unlike dedicated hardware encoder. I not sure why there make a big out of it when the Epiphan DVI2PCIe Duo / AV.io 4K, Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro 4K and Magewell Pro Capture HDMI 4K Plus and other that come out a long time ago but the price is spot on after all it much lower then all the other
not seen any impact running 1060/1070 when it comes to framerate (min/constant fps) running 1080/1440p synced. at least not that i can measure it with "normal" tools, and have seen more error by clock fluctuations, even when looking at gpu reviews..