EK-Vector RTX Titan Released

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POM Acetal for the win. Acrylic can go the way of yesteryear.... Especially for the price points of these bad boys!!! WHOA!?!
Plate that thing in a few grams of gold and increase price 70%. Seems legit... 🙄
3k for titan and this plate dat is best gpu joke ever.
Above my pay grade.
Best part, nobody will even see the golden plate once you install it.
Well.. if you are buying a 2500 USD card i think that 250 more for you isn't that bad. My only concern is that RGB could look a little dumb for a so classy design (of course you can always turn them off)
Those guys are just a bunch of amateur. They should have put a couple of diamonds on it and sell it for 10 grands. Who in is right mind would want to put that peasant piece of hardware on a titan? It's like putting 100$ tire on a Ferrari. /s