EK Releases Quantum Kinetic TBE Series Products With DDC-Powered Variants

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wonder if these new DDC's and the previously released VTX variant (apparanetly like a DDC but 100l/h higher flow rate and .1 higher head pressure and no heatsync required) are able to match your avg D5 yet when it comes to noise at a specific flow rate. (yes the D5 can pump at a higher flow rate though with less head pressure but acc to my findings so far running a D5 at max speed is a waste of it's silent potential for a at best 1-2 degree better temp under load then having it at 25% and i'm guesing the same can be said for the DDC/VTX pumps) would be nice if they could due to how compact they are compared to a D5.
For now i gave up on custom, especially since ryzen is transfer limited and most custom loops get similar performance as a proper 280 AIO, especially after realising how nice/easy and quick i can remove the block/pump from my Eisbaer to work on the rig, instead of having to remove almost everything for a loop (or risking bend tubing etc).

Hi there D5 is still probably more reliable than DDC pump, I have experienced two DDC pump failures, both have been EK DDC 3.2 PWM Elite edition, on one of them PCB burned and on second one wires which are going to PCB as well been burnt Currently running 2*Laing DDC 3.25 18W pumps and they are been pretty reliable, no issues with them, other DDC pump is EK DDC 3.2 PWM Elite edition and thos one is now at 2 year and seems too no issues If you are looking for a reliability then I recommend D5 pump, I got two D5 pumps and one of them is now 5 year old and running like new one etc Regarding the flow rate, that quoted flow rate is without the restrictions like fitting or radiator etc, in normal loop with 2 radiators and CPU and GPU block you will be getting something around 1.0-1.25GPM at full speed and at half you should be in 0.5-0.75GPM depending on loop D5 is more suitable for loop which is not so complex, in complex loops I prefer to use DDC pumps as they have higher head pressure than D5 Hope this helps Thanks, Jura
ah didn't realize/know they had reliability issue's. currently have a aquacomputer D5 usb about 4 years old. in my current loop maxed out it can reach about 0.97 GPM, on my previous loop about 1gpm maxed out so i already figured that the on the box flow rate is unobstructed which is why i thought DDC's might be more even then expected in an actual loop (with cpu and gpu blocks). my day to day flowrate with my D5 is "only" 0.26gpm as i run the pump at 20% (any higher and i start to hear the pump's vibration and even at 0.97gpm the temp difference is about 1 maybe 2 degree's so i prefer to run the pump quiet and hopefully give it a chance at living long). was mainly hoping the DDC's / VTX's could match it at there lowest setting noise/flow wise wile being a smaller/easier to hide package. they also seem the go to's for those front panel reservoirs which i really like the look of but if there maybe realiable at best that's just not something i'm willing to deal with 😛 this hobby is already unjustifiably expensive without stuff breaking and needing to be replaced, don't get me wrong i love how my pc looks and i love the watercooling in it but i prefer not to add up all the order's i placed. (been watercooling for......13 years now haven't had anything watercooling related die on me yet would like to keep that track record 😛)