EK Releases Pumpless Versions of EK Quantum Reservoirs

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These prices for a simple tank is stupid. Heck price for any part of water cooling is ridiculous but this is worst due to it's simple function.
looks a lot more premium then the previous reservoirs/top combo, but also a lot more expensive... kinda challanging singularity price wise (i have not seen a singularity res irl, it's supposed to be really nice so no idea if these new EK's can match them in acrylic quality and finish...you'd hope for the price. also kinda annoying it's D-RGB on my X570 Strix-E normal RGB works like a charm D-RGB i have nog been able to get working well since day 1 with my ek velocity d-rgb cpu block and i even have the rgb replacement part ready to go on when it's maintenance time (rig will be all nice 1 color and the cpu rgb's will go whatever color they want, or off, or strobing as if it were a epilepsy test. (the issue seems to plague asus now and then as there blocks seem to work fine on MSI and gigabyte only a couple asus users have it, tried many bios versions ((launch till latest)) and i've updated the software religiously hoping for a fix but all that's ever done is having asus's software go tits up stop working and block my ability to tinker with the mobo RGB completely and require a windows format to get that steaming heap to work again...rgb life has been fine D-rgb life has been annoying to say the least)