EK ASUS Rampage IV Black Edition AIO Water Cooling Solution

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That's pretty cool. Hilbert small typo on title should read "Rampage IV Black Extreme" you have "Rampage VI Black Extreme".
It looks cool, and it should be much easier to use than having several blocks all around. I wonder if the contact between block and CPU will be as good as with a dedicated CPU block. Also, the price is steep, but on the other hand, you're all set regarding mobo cooling.
Yeah, real good, nice neat idea. Fingers crossed the idea will catch on and before to long a full range of kit will be available.
ohhh, and I need a new mobo too! But I want an ITX...
😱 That is SICK! I wonder though, If you go that far why not just add the ram cooling too? Well, now I got another part to add on to my next pc upgrade.. Cannot wait for my 8core intel haswell E to come out! Just hope they come out right away with the "black" addition boards instead of waiting a year!
Ill be getting one of these, great for routing from cpu to gpu only as AIO does the rest. Then again depends if it beats the 380i.
I lick this idea.